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The purpose of this website is to share, to empower, to inspire and to provide useful, current and relevant information to you all.

 In a phrase, what I stand for is that YOU—Choose To Win!*

Inasmuch as you are already here, I know you have made choices consistent with winning! 

I have shared my stories with you as listeners and viewers and readers and you have an understanding of my own personal journeys and my own choices.  And I appreciate that.

One thing for me is that I have listened to myself and what I want in my life regardless of the circumstances.  

I have become clear in my journey that my voice is power! 

Just as yours is.

Welcome to RobinQuivers.com!


*My team and I are committed to sharing the latest research and that does not make us medical professionals. Please confirm how this information can apply to you or not! Always seek medical attention if you are ill, and always confirm the information here with your medical care providers to see if it applies and how you can use it if it does!