Who I am, by Robin Quivers

I am so glad you are visiting RobinQuivers.com.

As many of you may know, I have been through many a transformative experience. My personal journey has been one of many irregular dynamics, of twists and turns and things that basically, were not supposed to happen.

As a young person, a preteen, I had been a victim of sexual abuse by my Father.  I have experienced racial inequality and I have become sexually liberated.  

Through each of my journeys, I have been keenly aware of the choices I had. For me, it was a choice to hear my own voice and to use it.

And it saved my life.

In high school when I was working at a hospital with a group of girls my same age, we got into trouble for being on break at the wrong time. The director there, Ms. Booth took me aside and spoke to me about choosing.
I recall this like it was yesterday. I was pretty scared, a knot in my stomach, all of that... She sat me down and then she said, "I don't care what you do, but if you want to succeed, you need to honor your word here-you need to do what is expected!..and then out of nowhere came these four words..And I know you can."

The effort she made to speak to me, to invite me then and there to choose for myself-became a huge turning point of motivation for me in my life--And.. I am using this same stance for you. Because I know you can. Because I have seen so much and lived it and because I had to make choices.   The choices we make in life, matter.                           

This website for me is about sharing with you what choices do exist for you, regardless of if you think they exist for you or not!

I have suffered from various mental challenges including deep depression and food addictions--and simply put--inappropriate coping mechanisms.

I have had self-help seminars and been in therapy. I have toyed with aspects of life I am was not proud of.
Regardless, I went on in my life to become a nurse in the air force and to then later write books about health, sharing what I know and as my own way of expressing gratitude for my choices and the people who have supported me in my life to make the right ones. I went into broadcasting in Maryland, where I was told my 'incessant nervous giggle' would hold me back. And it was just the right complement to Howard Stern, who I met in 1981.
The past decade for me has been about making healthy choices for my body. And it is a daily choice we have and sometimes not such an easy one. A vegan way of life helped me become the survivor I did of cancer that I had a few years ago. That and the support of Howard Stern and others close to me.
More recently, I have done the work of The Landmark Forum. I have become not only more clear of choices we make, but of the voice in our heads telling us we cannot, or it is for other folk, or it not the right time. The courses through Landmark have shifted my life profoundly in ways of being who I want to be more fully, and of loving who I want to love and that includes my family.
Please enjoy this site.

It is filled with the most current information we can find for you.

It is intended to be inspiring and empowering to you and in ways,

A Road Map To Dreams!

I have this as my dream to share with you all.
Thank you for being who you are!

Love, Robin Quivers


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