Fibromyalgia Is Real We Think

Posted by Paulette Kranjac and Team on Behalf of Robin Quivers on Jul 29, 2016

A female friend just turning 60 could not lift a heavy carton. She said, "it's fibromyalgia".

We know a doctor who does not ‘believe’ in fibromyalgia.

So, we wanted to take a look at this issue. And apparently fibromyalgia is real!

Fibromyalgia, claims 15 million patients in the U.S.  People  report fatigue and widespread musculoskeletal pain.  It costs thousands to treat one patient and the 33% of patients who have this, cannot work for a living.  Patients are often seen by rheumatologists but due to the existence of depression and anxiety that goes along with it, often a psychiatrist handles this.robinmusclepainfibromyalgia-599061-edited.jpg

Patients have headaches, non-restorative sleep and irregular bowel habits which can also be signs of depression. Treatment by psychiatrists includes prescription drugs, cognitive behavioral therapy, and educating the patient.  

Aerobic exercise.[i] seems to help too. A study showed that people improved when they engaged in aerobic dance, whole body aerobics, stationary cycling and walking.


 Criteria about fibromyalgia [ii] include:

  • Three months of chronic pain.
  • 11 of 18 fibromyalgia tender points causing pain. Tender points of fibromyalgia according to WEBMD, are pain points around joints which hurt when pressed-but these are not the joints themselves and they are superficial and seem to be right under the skin. They are as big as a penny and "scattered all over the neck, back, chest, elbows, hips, buttoks and knees".  
  • Doctors need to rule out if pain is based on another cause like arthritis or as a reaction from medicine such as a statin or steroid. Also autoimmune diseases need to be ruled out.

Usually women between 55 and 79 years are at risk for fibromyalgia.  

It surprised us to learn that patients with fibromyalgia, had lower "well-being scores" than people with rheumatoid arthritis or advanced cancer. 

Fibromyalgia patients also have or have had: osteoporosis, hysterectomies, appendectomies, back and neck surgery and carpal tunnel surgery.  The Team is wondering if the anesthesia can prompt changes in the nerves. 

Patients can also suffer from TMJ, RLS/restless leg syndrome, affective disorders, irritable bowel/bladder, migraine and chronic fatigue and affective disorders—depression bipolar and anxiety.robin_sleep_fibromyalgia-208437-edited.jpg

A study in Barcelona[iii] found that the fibers were indeed less prevalent in the skin of patients with fibromyalgia and that the nerve presentation can be interpreted as systemic nerve damage that causes deep pain that patients experience in their muscles, tendons and joints.

Dr. Sommer, professor of neurology (U Clinic of Wurzburg-Germany), focused on small nerve function seeing that it occurs at least in some fibromyalgia patients. This finding has been replicated in the U.S..  As weel, it is noted:

  • There could be an adverse life event or triggering factors that lead to inflammation and changes in pain processing. 
  • Patients with fibromyalgia clearly had increased thresholds to temperature-warm and cold.

It is interesting that the German study included a sub-sample of patients with unipolar depression and they had different reactions than those with just fibromyalgia alone. This clearly suggests that:                               FIBROMYALGIA IS REAL! 

We found another study[iv] looking at the thyroid’s relationship to fibromyalgia, specifically hyperthyroidism. In the study, nearly all patients who had primary hyperparathyroidism (too much calcium in the presence of elevated parathyroid hormone PTH) affecting.5% of the US population, had a preexisting condition of fibromyalgia, 

 Following parathyroid surgery, 20% of these patients got off their fibromyalgia medicines.

This indicates that screening for this endocrine issue of hyperthyroidism must be included in the workup for fibromyalgia.

Both hyperthyroidism and fibromyalgia conditions include fatigue, musculoskeletal pain, headache, cognitive dysfunction and mood disturbance and both are more prevalent in women and increase with age.

A smaller study at The American College of Rheumatology Oct 2013, showed this thyroid issue was found in 10% of patients who had fibromyalgia compared to .1% of the population at large. Of the 2,184 patients treated for hyperparathyroidism, 4% or 80 patients had a prior fibromyalgia diagnosis. This is a significant finding and gives even more credence to fibromyalgia being a condition all it's own.  

We can choose!  Get the proper diagnosis and manage this painful condition!

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