See What Is News in Health This Week-ADHD, Sickle Cell Disease, Much More 

Much is new in the news this week health-wise.  And as an aside, the Team is very concerned about global warming and the shifting of icebergs.  This is now not just thinking nor scientists measuring, it is now a physical, visual reality.

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What's News This Week In Health Including Proton Pump Inhibitors?

So much more is news this week! The Team is here to tell it like it is-- synthesizing the latest for your information so that you can win in health!

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What is News About Cancer And Even Sexual Bereavement July 4, 2017

Jumping in with more that is news for you this holiday! The Team has lots to share!

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News In Health, Including The Miracle of Berries July 4, 2017

It is the holiday weekend! And the Team, still wants to bring you what is news in health!

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What's News Today In Health June 27, 2017

While you are reading What's News Today In Health and open to learning something new, the Team recommends that you take a minute to practice 'good' self-talk. That you really acknowledge yourself for being willing to be open, to learning, to choosing health for yourself in your life!

    • A study of 3,000 people showed those who say nice things to themselves are also practicing better health and habits. Saying loving things to yourself means taking better care of yourself!  And it costs nothing!
    • Practicing yoga may reduce fat gain by lowering stress via cortisol levels which is not found in just stretching alone.
    • 58% of women taking the pill, take it for non-reproductive health. Some women are able to reduce the risk of colon cancer by 14% and taking the pill for five years is linked to lowering the risk of ovarian cancer by 50%.      
    • On the news recently--and it’s hot and timely so we wanted to repeat it here: very salty snacks can make you eat more and actually you drink less, not more! Beware of sodium content!
    • Eat a handful of nuts daily-NOT MORE! If you are eating too many nuts daily they are not good for you as we shared previously. Add to your diet, avocado and olive oil! Half of an avocado to start should do it! This is if you are trying for a low carb/low sugar way of life.
    • People who have had colon cancer and who ate 2 ounces of either almonds (48 per week) or (36 cashews per week) had much lower cancer return or death by cancer rates
    • .
    • People are upping their walking. It is recommended now to walk 15,000 steps a day-seven miles- for a healthier metabolic outlook. There is also new research that a pill can reduce Alzheimer’s which begins as a metabolic process. This was learned by the Team at a recent event for brain health. Make sure to tap into your A1C and also a cardiolipin blood test-both having to do with inflammation!    
    • A study of people who have schizophrenia are three times more likely to have type 2 diabetes than others.
    • News for the brain-people with OCD are now found to have a 32% higher rate of inflammation within one of six areas in the brain than those who don’t have OCD. This is called having activated microglia which are immune cells known to trigger neuroinflammation. They are studying this insofar as Alzheimers Disease is concerned as well.
    • Heart disease is the biggest killer among women but 45% of women are unaware of this and only 39% of doctors know this and 35% discuss it with their patients. 80% of heart disease is preventable.
    • Young women in the U.S. who are poor are more likely to commit suicide than their mothers or grandmothers were.
    • Trend now is toward eating more fiber. We caution building up to this so as not to mess up your digestion—if this is an increase for you. We are reading recommendation for 30 grams of fiber..and some trending osteopaths recommend 35 to 50 grams but be careful to do this gradually!  And by all means check with your own doctor for the ideal amount for you!
    • Doing yoga maybe just as successful to relieve lower back pain as doing physical therapy. Check with your doctor.
    • Lead testing on children and women has not been accurate and is not properly tested through a vein but is properly tested through a pin prick. Recheck with your doctor.
    • Obese seniors are best off doing aerobics and resistance exercises using weights for physical performance and for reducing frailty.
    • To help with your colds, zinc lozenges have been found to triple the rate of reducing a cold! Wow!
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What is News In Health June 26, 2017

Summer is here. There are lots to think about regarding recreation, sun protection and safety with outdoor exercises of all sorts.  You likely have all of this handled!

It is our Teams’ commitment to bring you what is news in health this week—things that you might not yet know..things that are just beginning to surface in the medical and consumer health literature!  Here we go for this weeks summary:

    • Liver cancer death rates have doubled since the 1980’s and are increasing and are related to disparities in health such as protection against hepatitis, obesity, diabetes and excess alcohol and tobacco use.
    • News that 60 year olds exercise the same amount as 19 year olds. We recommend to get moving!
    • The use of e-cigarettes by teens fell sharply last year from 3 million teens in 2015 to 2.2 million.
    • ADR is the new buzz word for GI doctor’s success ratings. Apparently there are more scales to rate docs these days so that the buyer/patiet is informed and aware of the effectiveness of whom they choose. This one is the success rates with colonoscopy screening which is the adenoma detection rate. The ADR should be 20% for women and 30% for men or an average of 25%-one found for every 4 patients. For every 1% increase in the ADR score of your doctor, there is a 3% reduced risk that you could develope colorectal cancer. Make sure if you get a colonoscopy that you ask for a high definition colonoscope. And when you are prepping for a colonoscopy, consider eating no fiber for a day prior and no seeds or nuts or corn for a week prior as these are very high in fiber and without these, it can simplify your prep.
  • Our voices age along with our years so to prevent being 'old-sounding', consider using a thick straw to hum through so that you can build up muscle mass near your vocal cords. These become thicker and drier as we age and less flexible. If you do this ten minutes per day you might be able to build up to a narrower straw and also use singing too as a way to enhance muscle tone. Avoid yelling however! Yelling is not good for you!
  • A new study shows that high dose vitamin B can help with schizophrenia more than anti-psychotic medicine alone at reducing symptoms. Check with the doctor.
  • It is summer and while we have more access to berries, it appears that they are really good for you. The flavonoid in berries—the plant pigment that gives them their color-can help keep memory decline at bay for up to 2.5 years when eaten twice a week. This includes strawberries too!
  • People who have Lupus have poor sleep quality, associated pain, vitality and emotional challenges.
  • People who have sleep apnea do not live any longer if they are on continuous air pressure or not. This is a big shift in thinking. Continuous air pressure at night, contrary to previous thinking, does not affects mortality rates. 
  • Getting the correct amount of sleep helps resist weight gain. Try to get up at the same time each day. Don’t look at computer screens near to bed time and change over to a  more red dim light at night as opposed to blue which can stimulate one to feeling more wakeful. You can install these light backgrounds on your smart devices too such that you are able toavoid poor sleep qualtity. 
    • We just read that eating foods that are high in protein such as meat, eggs and seafood and also in fiber such as fruit, beans and vegetables, might produce more satiety in your brain allowing it to feel less hunger than if you are eating chips or foods high in sugar, carbs or salt!  Be mindful of cravings this summer.
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What Is News In Health, June 19, 2017

Much is news in health that we have much to share with you today!

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What's News In Health-Choose To Win June 19, 2017

With all the violence that is going on in the world it is even more important to provide you with a consistent message to be informed and to choose for health.

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Vitamin K, Dairy alternatives-What is News June 13, 2017

The Team is thinking about what is news in health for you this week and we have lots to post today:

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What Is News In Health Week of June 6, 2017

So much is news in health so the Team is going to jump right in!

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