News In Health For Moms To Be and Detecting Teens at Risk for Suicide

More devastating hurricanes and what is happening to those precious islands!!.. and Trump with Israel and at the U.N and about North Korea..so much is news and the Team is here to keep you updated in what is news in health this week.

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Osteoporosis Your Modern Fracture Risk

What is news in health today?  While uber extremes in hurricanes continue to knock our world off-course and uber-high temperatures abound as have occurred in California-- we press onward to provide your news in health today!  A Team's relative recently broke a hip so we focus today on osteoporosis.  Yes she is 86, and yes she has osteoporosis. But should she take meds for that? Or treat it other ways? The real question you want to concern yourself with is: what are the risk factors for fracture for each individual.    

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Choose to Win and Learn What's News In Health

Who can think of much else than the environment and the flooding in Texas? Dreadful, really!

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What Is News About Alcohol Depression, Sugar Intake, etc..

A lot is news this week in health-and the Team is here even if you are traveling, on holiday or at the beach!

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Not A Result Of The the Eclipse-It's Age-Related Macular Degeneration

So you have been told you have age-related macular degeneration and there is nothing you can do about it. [i]The Team has written much about Vitamin D, a vital hormone, for defending against most diseases and a current study shows us that vitamin D is not related to protecting against early-age related macular degeneration.

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High Blood Pressure Is Some Of What Is News In Health!

We have a lot to share with you. Protect your eyes on August 21 from the eclipse. This can damage the retina if you look at the sun without special glasses. It can permanently damage or reduce your vision and even create blindness.

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More of What Is News In Health Now

Despite threats of fire and fury—and the Team are keeping calm to tell you what is news this week in health.

    • Older women with gum infections are more prone to common cancers than their peers.
    • Insufficient sleep is associated with bigger waist lines. People sleeping six hours or less a night tend to be heavier than those who sleep seven to nine hours. Sleep affects hormones, metabolism and cholesterol. Waistlines tend to be 1.5 inches larger in those who get less sleep. Poor sleep increases the risk of obesity and being overweight.
    • Irony is that in older breast cancer survivors-nearly 60% are going for screenings even though they have a short life expectancy and for those with a life expectancy of 10 years or more only 14% are being screened.
    • The latest healthy lifestyle recommended is: to exercise 6 days per week if you are 50+, lift weights 3 days per week, do aerobics 4 days per week, eat a Mediterranean diet, don’t be a loner-- join community and adopt a pet.
    • Watch your belly. Even if you are overweight but have a flat belly it is not nearly as serious as if you have a large belly. A large belly causes twice the risk of death in men and in women 40% more risk including from heart attack, diabetes and Alzheimer’s.
    • A study of meat eaters and butter eaters –those who eat saturated fats--showed that they are more likely to get lung cancer malignancies if they are current or former smokers-- a 15% risk.
    • About thirty million Americans do not live within one hour of trauma care.
    • Walking and cycling may lower the risk of sciatica by as much as 33%. Smoking and obesity are linked to a higher risk for sciatica.
    • Improving blood sugar in those with Type 2 diabetes using water-based exercise is just as effective as other exercises.
    • There is a seven-fold increase in drivers killed taking prescription opioids since 1995
    • Americans consume so much salt every day that it can be enough to damage the heart muscle making it more difficult to pump blood.
    • People who live in Appalachia from the southern tier of New York to northern Alabama Mississippi and Georgia have a higher infant mortality rate and lower life expectancy than those in the rest of the country. This was not always the case—25 years ago Appalachia was in line statistically with the entire country.
    • The number of deaths due to drug overdose in America is higher than ever as of 2016.
    • Middle-aged people with risk factors for stroke and heart attacks may be more likely to develop dementia in old age than younger people with healthy cardiovascular systems. People who smoke, have diabetes and hypertension and prehypertension are at greatest risk for dementia.  
    • People with blood pressure fluctuations are more than twice as likely to develop dementia.
    • Mental illness-such as psychosis and schizophrenia are linked to blood viruses such as Hep B and C and HIV. Substance abuse contributes most to this risk.
    • Having Hepatitis C is a risk for Parkinson’s disease. People were 2.5 more likely to develop Hep C and if they have heart disease to begin with, the risk for PD goes up 65%. Head injury also doubles the risk for PD with Hep C.
    • If you take the hormone vitamin D3, it is best to take it with your biggest meal for most absorption. The meal containing most fats and oils can increase absorption 50%.
    • To reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke in men it is advisable to take 600 units or more of vitamin d daily from food and supplements.
    • You can choose to win for health!  Be informed!Click for news and alerts  from theTeam on behalf of Robin Quivers 
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Your Right To Know What Is News In Health this week

So much is up and down in the world about human rights.  Yet we have a right to know about health. That is what the Team stands for—informing you about health so that you can choose and choose to win for a healthful future.

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Four Simple and Empowered Wedding Planning Actions

It is summer and it is the time for weddings!  

You or your loved ones might be seeking ways to plan and execute life events that can leave you and your guests empowered during these big life event times which can be ripe times for upheaval and emotional triggers. We are about healthy choices for your life and your future and as such, we want to share our thoughts on your planning a special, empowered and successful wedding. 

First, we offer that you consider that weddings can be a time when feelings can run hot and intense.  Words and actions that occur during these significant times can actually cause a fracture in a relationship that may be very difficult to repair or may not repair over the years. Perhaps the fracture will deepen and widen.  People may retell the story and the ‘what occurred story’ could take on a life of its’ own—not even closely reflecting what actually happened—but knitting into how it ‘felt or occurred’ to them. Then, there is no chance to view others in any other way but wrong or worse! 

It is because of this and that these involve your family, relatives and friends that we wanted to share some thoughts for you to consider.      


It may be YOUR wedding but it is their OPPORTUNITY TO EXPRESS OPINION!  We hear the ‘two cents’ from this aunt and that sister-or it could be your mom or even your brothers’ fiancé.  Everyone has a point of view of what to do.  What YOU should do! 


That you find a quiet room, close your eyes and envision the wedding of your dreams!  Where it is, the season, the venue.  Is it day or night? How are people dressed? How are you dressed?  Is there a theme or color scheme? Who is there?  Everything you can see-the food, the flowers—the cake-and what kind of music is being played? Who is dancing?

Once you do this, you can then take action to produce the wedding of your dreams! Literally! Because you just claimed what you want for yourself!  We recommend that you then share this vision with everyone you are close to so that they know that you are clear as to what you want on your special day.




Express to Aunt Bev how much you love her cooking, the impact of how her home made you feel as a child  and that you want certain hors d’oeuveres at your wedding in her honor. That you are grateful for her love and support and how she has been a champion for you following your passion in your career. How much she matters to you. 

Initially it seemed that Aunt Bev wanted control.  But perhaps she only wanted to hear how her life impacted yours and how she matters to you.



Shower the bride with verbal gifts in addition to anything you purchase.

Suggesting that each person share in turn 'around the room' how they know the bride and how they are giving you a piece of advice for her future-or a blessing based on who they know her to be.  This can lead to enhanced friendships and more meaningful connections for everyone.



To include a variation of the following: Please permit me to remind me who you are when you hide.

We want to be our best selves in marriage-to forgive, to have compassion, to approach each day with possibility and love. Would it not be great if we gave our partner permission to point out when we are occuring as any other way?

Choose with big life events a way to further health and well-being of your family and community!    

Click for news and alerts  from theTeam on behalf of Robin Quivers 
*Blog inspired by Shelley and Jeff Cahn and Rabbi David Ingber.
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More is News In Health This Week including about suicide, summer outdoor swimming and Higher Risks For LGBTQ Community.

Even more news is out there about health this week! Here we go!

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