Health for every body

No matter where we live or what our situation, we can always choose more healthful ways to live.  Every day and every moment this is a choice we each have.
My aim for you here, is to provide information that you can readily digest to see what is available out there, how you can make sense of it, how it can apply to you—not just to someone else!
My goal is that We Can Choose!—what health options we want for our lives.
Merriam-Webster defines health as it pertains to human beings--
  • the condition of being well or free from disease-being sound in body mind or spirit especially freedom from disease or pain
  • the overall condition of someone's body or mind-i.e. flourishing
Within each of these sections about health,  regardless of your situation or your age, you will be armed with new information a couple of times a month that makes sense of what is trending in the research and media and how it fits for you.
While this sounds simple-perhaps even too simple... it is my commitment to you and what I stand for...
That We Can Choose what is best for ourselves every moment, every day, no matter what we are dealing with!